Saturday, January 1, 2011

This is so cute

I saw this video through yahoo and I think it is absolutely adorable! I mean, who couldn't love a dog? Look at him/her! I love at the very end when the dog is done playing and she gives the kid sweet kisses. So cute.

Maybe it's weird that I'm doting over the dog and not the kid... Don't get me wrong the baby is cute too with his little laugh, but come on... how much that dog loves playing with the baby is beyond cute!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hit Repeat

After I listened to Firework about 100 times (literally... okay, okay, maybe 75 times literally) I decided to fixate on a new song and this is it. Great song... and Hayley is adorable. Love her voice. Love her hair. Love her!

Monday, December 6, 2010

You see what I deal with?

Prologue: I live with my dad and brother who mostly control the DVR recordings.

So at the beginning of this football season, I went downstairs to make sure the BYU game was set to record. It wasn't. After I enter this necessary request in the DVR, a pop up notification alarms to show a scheduling conflict. In order to record the game I had to cancel recording either Glen Beck or Jersey Shore. Seriously? This is the idiocy taking up valuble space on the DVR. How do you choose between the lesser of two evils?


So... I'm in love with this song. I think I have already listened to it 50 times today. I love the dance music mixed with the string instruments. The way they use the fireworks in the video is very touching. It also goes without saying that Katy Perry is adorable (but I will still say it none the less)! Oh, and I have been to that Buda Castle in Budapest... How sweet is that?!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Come Back Post

Based on the date of my last blog post, you may think I grew tired of blogging or maybe just ran out of things to say. Well this just quite simply is not true. Unfortunately I became bogged down with the responsibilites of working and going to school simultaneously and before you knew it - I hadn't posted anything for several weeks. I know this has been quite upsetting to many as several of you have expressed concern as to when my infamous return to the blogging world would be. I can assure you I have been wanting to blog for some time now. I wanted to write again, but my first topic back couldn't be a mere silly anecdote. No! My come back post had to be something outstanding! Something worth while, something meaningful even! As the days, weeks and even months without a post zoomed by, I constantly was thinking, "What post would be worthy enough to start blogging about again?" Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lush Times of Miss Lupa: I come to you with something truly profound.

Seriously? Who leaves this much butter left and doesn't get a new stick out of the fridge? Seriously!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SKYDIVING (3 months later)

So the reason I haven't blogged recently is because I wanted to blog this particular subject before I did anything else. I had some complications with the video, but Michael figured it out for me in a matter of seconds... this makes me feel like an old lady, "What's a URL?"

Anyway... my birthday was back in July and Michael kept saying he had a birthday surprise for me. I kept trying to get hints from him but he is a vault! He told me he would tell me what the surprise was the day before.
The day finally came and he told me the big news... he was taking me skydiving! I could hardly believe it. In fact, I didn't believe it... I think it was such a surprise that it didn't seem real to me. It wasn't until we were driving up to Ogden that I began to realize that this adventure was indeed happening! As we got closer to the area I started to become a little nervous. We got to the hanger, and we were able to watch other divers for about an hour before I jumped. It was actually nice because it calmed my nerves to see everyone have so much fun and arrive safely.

The time came, and I got all suited up (in a sweet Little Mermaid jumpsuit with Flounder on the pantleg). Dude, I was ready to go! I swear, it was another 15 minutes of waiting, so the anticipation made me a bit nervous again.

About 5 other jumpers loaded into a small plane with me and we started our flight up. We basically climbed to our height by taking big circles up to stay over the landing sight. I LOVED the flight up. We were right right above the mountains, and I could see the whole valley. I don't know if it's because of flying with my mom so often, but this was completely peaceful to me which calmed any nerves I had collected.

So in this tiny little plane there was only a plastic door that rolled up and down. Next to the door was a red and green light. My instructor jumping with me (Keegan) told me we were about ready to go, and before I knew it- the light turned green, the plastic door rolled up and people starting falling out of the plane! Before I had time to realize it, we had scooted up to the opening and my toes were over the edge. Keegan did a quick countdown before we jumped! It was crazy!!!! The initial fall was the scariest because I was falling upside down which meant I couldn't see the horizon or ground, leaving me a little disoriented. Once we turned around, it was sa-weeeeeet! We were free falling for about 60 seconds. It was crazy, because I didn't really feel like I was falling, it was just VERY windy! :)

Keegan then pulled the parachute and we coasted to the ground for about 7 minutes. It was one of the most incredible things. The Salt Lake Valley is so beautiful! One of my favorite things we did is when Keegan had me look up to the parachute. He then was able to tilt it so we were at an angle where I could see the Horizon and the top of the parachute at the same time. He pulled these awesome 360s so I could see the entire horizon! This view was beyond anything I can describe. When he would pull out of it, the chute would swing us up, and as we fell back into our harnesses, it gave the most incredible sensation of being weightless! It was by far one of the most fantastic things I have ever experienced!!!

This next part makes me laugh... we were only about 20 seconds away from the ground when Keegan says, "Now we're gonna talk about the landing..." Ummm... isn't this something we should have discussed before I leapt out of a plane? Apparently not, as all I had to do was lift my legs straight out in front of me so I could land on my butt. Once I was on the ground my legs felt like jelly as they were full of adrenaline! Michael said my entire body was shaking when I gave him a hug. I didn't even notice as I was still on a high.

To say the least the entire experience was... AMAZING! It is something I have always wanted to do, and is definitely something I will remember for a lifetime. Thanks Michael for making my 26th birthday so memorable. I love you!

Chelsey Hadley Skydiving in July 2009 from qbd3v14nt on Vimeo.